Authorities in Mexico are investigating after 157 unidentified bodies were discovered after residents were complaining about a foul smell. The bodies were found in a trailer behind a housing development in Guadalajara. State and local authorities have been struggling because many bodies are piling up from Mexico’s rising amount of violence. Officials have recorded that 16,339 homicides have occurred across Mexico in the first seven months of this year. This is an increase of 17 percent from last year. Morgues in several of the country’s states have run out of room because of this. “This is a demonstration of insensitivity on the part of some public servants,” said Roberto Lopez Lara, the Jalisco state interior secretary. He also said that the truck would be moved back to a morgue and that it would be investigated on who made the decision to put the truck in the field. Many of the corpses in the truck were already rotted because they were recovered from clandestine graves in the state. According to Reuters, there will be a new facility located in Jalisco that will be built in the coming month. It will be able to hold up to 700 bodies.1537293369469.jpg