Becoming a Writer

Becoming a writer is completely free. All you have to do is fill out our form, which you will specify your name, the date, your article, and how you want to be paid. There will be a new form every month. The grade limit for writing articles is 6th – Adult. Anyone can write articles and earn some extra cash!


Payment options include pay-pal or cash(If you live in Oregon).  You will get paid every 17th of the month. You get paid every month based on how many articles you have on our website. Money is pooled into a pot then split based on article count. The minimum quota for writing articles is 3 a month, they must be good quality. If you don’t for fill that quota after signing up, we will reduce your pay.


The rules are simple. As long as you don’t use any derogatory language, discriminating language, or biased language, you will be fine. No articles will include your opinion, only the facts. Political articles should not contain anything but facts, and quotes MUST be exactly as spoken.


This months form can be found here.