Google has accidentally leaked a paper from inside NASA scientists with evidence that they have completed building a quantum computer. The message said that it would be named Sycamore and 53 of the 54 qubits were functional. Its benchmark was an impossible equation, that would have taken 10,000 years to complete on a regular super-computer. Google’s did it in 200 seconds.

Google may have the majority of computing in the whole world right now based on this, and with great power comes great responsibility, so let’s hope they use it correctly. Google’s computer now has the ability to decipher whole governments cyber-security systems in a matter of minutes. There is no safe unless someone else develops a quantum computer. Google’s system also has incredible AI power, meaning that REALLY REALLY complex problems like simulating a brain being taught over a series of 30 years could be done in one year. Time is no longer a holdback for Google.

So what will they do with it? We can only hope that it’s built for solving problems not starting them.

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