This week we see an 8th grader getting very political as he defines how modern society is controlled, and why Trump is his choice of president. He discusses  also new ways and ideas politically to make your opinion known while still following laws. We hope you enjoy this article, as it is ONLY FEATURED HERE, and won’t be published else where – Edge News


“The modern political theory has two rules and they are usually expanded or are blended into each other. We look at the political area as a corrupt bureaucracy and are usually mislead in the elections and certain laws our political candidate approves of. Why? Because we as people have a tendency to feel suspicious it’s only natural that we question the people in charge. Yet the population has had a preference for two parties in the past decades and even century.

So, what is the purpose of this? Well, we must realize that the modern theory is controlled by two things, money and power. Political contributions, financial support, endorsement, and the worst is that we have to see the political theory as just a matter of human nature, that we must be in control, or that when we aren’t the urge to get back control is overpowering. The best of the political world are those with a clear message, true passion, and things we don’t get much from in the cesspool of corruption in Washington D.C.

Though he is controversial and a very popular president at the same time he is by far the most refreshing proof that we can trust our government and the people in it. Now he promises to clear the swamp, which was instituted by the past leaders and those who remain in power today that were once part of the clear politicians, yet when the ideas run out the corruption gets more and more real for the candidate.

Why do I choose President Trump?  Because of one reason he isn’t doing it for the money like some people in Washington are now. President Trump doesn’t take any of the paycheck for being the most powerful man in the world. Yet, we have the Clintons who had sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians and taking money from the Saudis. When you invest yourself so much into politics that you become an icon in the sphere of Washington you make yourself a known target since they are known to have been taking contributions from people in other countries and others in the nation of Iraq, Iran China, Russia, and like I had said the Saudis.

Now let’s start to talk about the rules more in depth. Rule one is controlled by Power: To win is to have the ability to change, for the worse or the better of people. Since the rules are just guidelines you could go on an extremist agenda that some people may a line themselves with yet it doesn’t appeal to the moderates usually or the independents. The first rule is by far the most important because if you don’t win then how would you get into power.

The second rule, is also important but at the same time it depends on how long you want to stay in power. This rule is controlled by the money: to aline yourself with the right people in the right time is how you become the true leader of the political world. Now, money controls how much an election means to you and why you want the position in the first place. Yet influence and connections can be key player in the world of checks and balances.

Back in the time of the Great Depression people were desperate to feel safe under the government. Yet, these same people who are suppose to have their people’s best interests are taking bribes from the Mob and helping them grow their criminal empire. After presidents like Nixon or Carter everything changed in the world of politics because now we aren’t as corrupt or petty in our differences. Yet, Nixon left the country completely torn apart.”

We as people must have faith in our leaders but as people it’s our duty challenge and question them to see if there is a motive behind their choices.



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