Amazon’s new microwave is coming at an affordable price with some new features. To Amazon’s research, most people actually don’t know the correct time to microwave food or drinks. With the microwaves new Alexa API, you can ask her to heat your coffee. Alexa will find the perfect time to microwave your stuff. Alexa has a wide variety of microwave presets, including defrosting meat, cooking microwave meals, and heating coffee.

Amazon’s research showed that most people will keep pressing the add 30 seconds button, leading them to on average people don’t know how long to cook their food. Food now days will either be too hot or too cold from the microwave. Amazon’s microwave is advertising that they will solve this problem.

Author’s Opinion: I honestly don’t think this is a good thing for Apple. With prices for these phones soaring high peaking at 1.5 grand, having all steel being even more taxed will only make the price/value ratio will drop. And again, only for Apple to potentially lose customers.



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