President Trump sends 5,200 troops to the Mexican border due to the migrant caravan coming through Mexico from Central America. The troops will place more defenses on the border such as barbed wires, more fences, and border patrol tents. There are currently 1,000 active border troops in Texas mostly at Lackland Air Force Base. Most of the troops are coming from Fort Knox and Fort Campbell into Texas. The migrant caravans are growing due to the civil wars that Central America has. Trump said that the border troops will build “tent cities” until the migrant caravan stops.


Author’s Opinion:  My opinion on the article on the article is that it was kind of short but it had some good information. My opinion on the issue is that I don’t really have an opinion because I mean the migrant caravan is bringing this upon themselves, but at the same time, Trump is damaging the relations between the United States and Central America. I really hope that the civil war in Central America can stop.


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