A Moroccan woman has been killed, and three people have been injured due to being shot at by a Moroccan navy ship. The ship shot at the speedboat carrying migrants. The Moroccan interior ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that a naval unit operating in the Mediterranean was “forced” to fire at the speedboat because its Spanish driver was refusing to obey orders. This event happened right off of the Moroccan city of M’diq-Fnideq. All of the people who were injured were Moroccan as well. They are all in critical condition, and one has had to have their arm amputated. The driver of the speedboat was reportedly unharmed and later arrested. The speedboat was apparently illegally transporting 25 migrants to Europe. This is the second time that the Moroccan navy has tried to stop migrants from being illegally transported like this. Overall, Moroccan officials have said that over 54,000 crossing attempts to Europe.


Author’s Opinion:

I thought that this article was very interesting. I think it is fascinating that people of Morocco are not allowed to migrate to Europe. I think that it is sad that Morocco is sort of like a prison. I hope that the people who were injured can heal quickly, and that the person who died goes to heaven. Overall, this article was interesting and a pretty good length.


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