Hong Kong has banned a party promoting independence from China. Why? Since the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom in 1997, many people in Hong Kong feel that their economy will take a downfall with the Chinese government having sovereignty over the former British colony. Many people wonder what fears they will overcome when Hong Kong joins China. Some people believe that China will get rid of the Western culture that the British introduced to Hong Kong in 1841.

 Will Hong Kong be treated as the rest of the Chinese cities? The reason for the ban of the Hong Kong National Party? The government of Hong Kong doesn’t want the Chinese government involved in the problem. They do not want the Chinese authorities to enter Hong Kong to get rid of the resistance. The Hong Kong National Party was formed in 2016 by Andy Chan, a 28 year-old who describes himself as a democracy advocate. It was the first separatist political party. Before the ban of the HKNP, Andy Chan told the people that Hong Kong was slowly getting annexed and destroyed by China. Chan called the United Kingdom and the United States to intervene and help Hong Kong, Will Hong Kong gain independence in the future? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure. Andy Chan will not stop until Hong Kong gets the freedom it deserves.

Author’s Opinion:

My opinion on the article is that this was a short, but well-written article. My opinion on the issue is that I feel the same way with Hong Kong. Being a British colony for almost 160 years, I can see why the HKNP wants Hong Kong to be free. Being a territory of China, I bet the people of Hong Kong feel why they are being taken over. Hong Kong having a vibrant Western culture and special status, people may not want that taken away.

When Andy Chan said that they are being annexed and destroyed by China, I can that he doesn’t mean literal destruction, but cultural destruction. I totally agree with that. Hong Kong likes their culture, but China is just taking that away by send authorities to take control of Hong Kong. I keep seeing recent reports of Chinese tourists attacking the Hong Kong police and having a friend from China, I bet she is very ashamed of them. I hope that these people of Hong Kong can keep their culture intact without the Chinese taking that away and hope that they can keep their special status.

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