Six sharks were killed near Whitsunday island. These sharks were killed since in a span of 24 hours two people were seriously injured. The people attacked were a 46 year old women and a 12 year old girl. The attacks occurred in Cid harbour.  Three drum lines were deployed on Friday and on Monday six sharks were caught. One of them was a 12 foot tiger shark. So far in 2018 there have been 2 shark attacks that ended in death and 33 shark attacks in Australia. People are saying that the waters are dangerous to swim in and to be cautious.

Authors Opinion:

My opinion on this issue is that six sharks being killed is sad, but I think the safety of humans is more important. I think that people should listen if people tell them the waters are dangerous though. I also think that if there is a lot of shark activity in certain areas people should stay out of the water.  .I hope that the people who got bit get better soon. I also hope that no more sharks need to be killed and that no one else gets bit.

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