Florence caused substantial damage to structures and resulted in the loss of power to thousands of people when it first made landfall, the storm’s after-effects are even worse. The trillions of gallons of rainwater making its way into rivers and streams is resulting in flooding of epic proportions. More than 8,100 North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia residents, forced to evacuate, are still living in Red Cross shelters or with family and friends. And the danger is far from over. About a dozen rivers in North and South Carolina have overflowed their banks. Particularly concerning is the continued swelling of the 140-mile long Waccamaw River, which runs through both states. North Carolina officials have asked residents living along the river, especially those in Brunswick County, to evacuate and move to safer grounds. People have to be careful because the flood water could be polluted with ash from the coal plants along with other things such as arsenic, lead, and mercury which can cause health issues.

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