A 99 year old man, with the name of Luther Younger, in Rochester, New York, has been married to his wife Waverlee for 55 years. He shows his love truly, by walking six miles a day just to see her, no matter the weather or condition. He is locally famous in Rochester for his devoted love, which inspires people. The journalist of this article had interviewed him earlier in August, and decided to take the six-mile walk with him later in August. The day was hot, over 90 degrees, which didn’t stop him at all. He simply just did a couple push-ups and swung his backpack over his shoulder and said, “Let’s go.” He had warned the journalist to keep up, but what the journalist didn’t know was that a man in his 90’s would run whenever he got the chance. He could wait for the bus, but he said he just can’t wait to see Waverlee, he can’t let anything get between him and any moment he has with his wife. This has been routine for the past couple years, and he will let nothing change that.


Authors Opinion:

I thought this was a very heart-touching article. This showed how far someone would go in the name of love. I enjoyed hearing about this and it has touched my heart, that doesn’t just happen everyday.

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